NAMI Nebraska Family to Family

NAMI Nebraska is in Financial Peril and Needs Your Help!

NAMI Nebraska is in Danger and Needs Your Help! #SAVENAMINE

NAMI Nebraska saves lives. A young mother learns how to break the cycle of abuse. Parents educate themselves on how to best support their newly diagnosed son. A hopeless, lonely woman makes a connection that saves her life. A suicide survivor finds he is not alone on his road to recovery. This is NAMI Nebraska. The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides free services to a population in our state whose pain is real and whose suffering is complex and frequently misunderstood. NAMI Nebraska saves the state of Nebraska thousands of dollars yearly in funds to care for this marginalized section of our Nebraska population. And right now, NAMI Nebraska is in jeopardy. NAMI Nebraska is merely a few months away from being shut down.

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My name is Rod Atwood, and I am a meeting facilitator for one of NAMI"s mental health support groups. I can"t tell you all the times that we"ve had someone walk into the meeting, and they said: “I was going to do it (commit suicide), but I decided to try this meeting first."

We are asking the caring citizens of our great state to rally to this all-important cause. NAMI Nebraska is a volunteer-driven organization. The director is not some figurehead who stays cool and clean in his ivory tower, collecting a massive salary, benefits, and bonuses. On his modest salary, he gets out there on the front lines with the volunteers; visiting the ill, educating the public, and facilitating Connection meetings. I only mention this to let you know that your donation is not going to fund a lavish lifestyle, but will be put to work stamping out the agony of mental illness.

All of NAMI Nebraska"s classes and groups are facilitated by volunteer peers. All materials come at no cost to the individuals and families that take advantage of these life-saving programs. There is no drama in that statement: NAMI Nebraska literally saves lives and families and heartbreak.

Follow the Go Fund Me link to make a donation right now:

If you have someone in your family who suffers from thinking about suicide, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or anxiety, NAMI Nebraska can be of help, but we need contributions to keep going.

NAMI Nebraska also offers free classes throughout the year. If you have someone in your family with mental illness, they provide a free course to show you how to be a better supporter.

If you have a child with mental illness, NAMI Nebraska offers free classes for parenting.

NAMI Nebraska offers other programs as well.

NAMI Nebraska is a no-fee organization which means there is no charge for the services. There is no co-pay, or no insurance required.

When someone walks into a NAMI Nebraska class or meeting, they will be greeted with fellowship.

Here is your chance to save someone"s life. Please consider making a one-time or ongoing tax-deductible donation to NAMI Nebraska. Your vital support, combined with the gifts of others, will keep NAMI Nebraska able to help Nebraska"s own people who could be your neighbor, your boss, your child. Thank you in advance for the open, warm, generous support that I know resides in the hearts of Nebraskans.

Follow the Go Fund Me link to make a donation right now: